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Bike rental in Biscarrosse

The bicycle is a practical means of transport to explore the Landes forest, go along the coasts or the lakes of Biscarrosse and neighboring municipalities such as Parentis or Gastes. Biscarrosse bike rental even allows some travelers to explore the large network of Great Lakes cycle paths.

Why choose bike rental in Biscarrosse?

It is a means of travel that is a delight for adventure seekers and new experiences. The bike trip is perfect for exploring the great natural areas of the Landes. Travelers to Biscarrosse are in a hurry to explore the forests, which cover an area of ​​13,000 hectares, or the bodies of water, which extend over 3,200 hectares.

Biscarrosse bike rental is also a practical option as it covers more distance, compared to hiking. Travelers have the chance to discover several landscapes, such as the North Lake, the small lake or the Biscarrosse-Parentis lake. They can also take advantage of this getaway to explore Biscarrosse Ville, the administrative and commercial center of the town. From the city center, they can easily reach Biscarrosse Plage, located 9 km away, popular among other things for its beautiful seafront walks.

Where to rent a bike in Biscarrosse?

We have selected three of the companies offering the rental of street bikes in the city:

Cycles Loisirs Boulevard

This rental service has several agencies in Biscarrosse Ville, Biscarrosse Lac and Biscarrosse Plage. The company offers the public a whole range of bikes, among which VTC Sport, mixed all-terrain bikes, city bikes, but also Fat Bikes with electric assistance, mountain bikes, junior bikes or even trailers for children. or shopping baskets.

Au Vélo Pour Tous

The agency is located on avenue de la Plage in Biscarrosse Plage. It welcomes the public every day from April to November. Customers can choose from several rental packages, from four hours for a one-time hike to one month for roaming stays.

Nature à Vélo

The company specializes in the repair and rental of Biscarrosse bikes. It welcomes the public on Chemin des Roseaux, offering a wide choice of models, including children's bikes, BMX, follower bikes, trailers and recumbent trikes.