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Detailed map of the city of Biscarrosse

The ocean, the forest, the lakes, the dunes and the natural spaces between the different urban poles are all attractions of Biscarrosse. In the most populous city of the Community of Great Lakes municipalities, residents and visitors benefit from the proximity to nature and a certain sweetness of life.

Where is Biscarrosse on the map?

Biscarosse is located in the northwest part of the Landes department. Bordeaux and Mérignac, the two closest cities in Gironde, are 75 and 76.5 km away respectively. The town of Arcachon is about 40 km away.

Biscarrosse is the largest municipality in terms of the number of inhabitants of the Community of Great Lakes communes, of which some 14,500 Biscarrossais (2017 INSEE census) constitute half of the population.

The commune of the Landes offers its inhabitants as well as its visitors an enviable quality of life. This living environment is reflected, among other things, on a detailed Biscarrosse map, including 13,000 hectares of forest and 3,200 hectares of water.

The three poles of the Biscarrosse map

It is well known, there is not one but three Biscarrrosse. Biscarrosse Ville is the administrative and commercial center of the town. It is in this sector that a good part of the inhabitants of the territory reside. Biscarrosse Plage is 9 km from the city center. It is one of the most popular seaside resorts in the department. Its beautiful seafront walks, among others, also make it a beautiful resort in winter. We finish with Biscarrosse Lac. Located on the edge of Lake North, this part of the city is well known for its residential areas.

In addition to these urban centers, a Biscarosse card also allows you to discover the diverse landscapes of the Landes commune.

Places of interest to locate on the map of Biscarrosse

The city has three lakes connected by a canal:

  • Lake North (Biscarrosse-Cazaux-Sanguinet), suitable for swimming and water sports
  • The small lake, a wild and protected natural area
  • Lake Biscarrosse-Parentis, particularly popular with hunters and fishermen

The location by the ocean is also an asset for Biscarrosse, which can boast of having 4 km of sandy beaches. The Landes forest, largely made up of pines, stands in the background. This part of the city is appreciated for its beauty and the calm that reigns there. Whether on a hike or on one of the cycle paths, you will also discover various scents, unexpected flora and fauna, including locals.