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Parasailing in Biscarrosse

Among the outdoor activities on offer in Biscarrosse, parasailing is a great way to have fun and see the city from a different perspective at the same time. To have your dose of adrenaline, this activity guarantees strong sensations by gaining height. You will literally be flying over the water, hanging on a sail which will allow you to glide and have a magnificent overview of the coastline.

What is parasailing?

It is a sub-discipline of sport parachuting. Parasailing consists of climbing in the air while hanging on a sail similar to that of a parachute. Takeoff takes place from the ground or a body of water, where the passenger is towed quickly. This aerial activity offers the possibility of gliding, without launching into the void. In fact, the parasailing has similarities to hang gliding, except that the movement here is driven by the towing vehicle. Its sail can have the shape of current parachutes with a concave or hemispherical straight wing. To be able to take off, the start is made by running then the power of the boat or the towing vehicle takes over. Then the air inflates the sail to a certain overhanging height.

Parasailing at Lake Biscarrosse

To experience unique aerial sensations, nothing like the practice of parasailing at Lake Biscarrosse. It is an opportunity to admire a splendid panorama several meters high, the lake under your feet and the feeling of touching the sky, with the forest in the distance. The gentle take-off takes place alone or with others, aboard a boat, in order to tow the sail easily. The take-off and dry landing modes are completely safe. You will obviously be supervised by a passionate and qualified team to guarantee the success of your first parasailing experience. Note that it is practiced from the age of 4 years. People with reduced mobility can also practice it and the monitors come to pick them up directly at the port.

Practical information on the Biscarrosse parasailing

To make the most of your holiday in Biscarrosse, the agency "Maguide Ski Nautique" offers its services at fairly reasonable prices. The more you are, the more attractive the parasailing prices. You will have to pay 70 € for 1 person, 90 € for 2 people, and 120 € for 3 people (maximum). The session lasts about 15 minutes, enough to fill up on thrills! You can also do other activities such as water skiing. In this case, you have to pay 39 € for a duration of 12 minutes and between 42 to 50 € for a duration of 20 minutes. For the little ones, the Baby Ski formula offers a session price of € 25 for 10 minutes; the set of 5 sessions at 100 €.