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Biscarrosse Beach

Biscarrosse Plage, in the heart of the Landes coast

Biscarrosse is located in the heart of the Pays de Born, in the Landes department (Nouvelle-Aquitaine). The city is considered as the capital of the seaplane but also as a seaside resort of first choice with unmissable surf spots. In a space where nature still has its rights and where tourists love to go, Biscarrosse is located between two lakes, Lake Cazaux and Lake Parentis.
Largest municipality in the Landes with more than 19,000 hectares in area, Biscarrosse has the third largest number of inhabitants for the department and is divided into three poles namely Biscarrosse-Bourg which is neither more nor less than the administrative center and commercial center of Biscarrosse, Biscarrosse-Lac with its residential area and its golf course and of course Biscarrosse Plage, the famous seaside resort which attracts so many people and which is an ideal place for a tourist stay.
When you go to Biscarrosse, it is obviously to take advantage of a place that has remained wild despite its success and to preserve this raw natural aspect so particular and pleasant to live in specific to the Landes department.

To see and do in the Biscarrosse Plage district

Take advantage of your stay in Biscarrosse campsite to fill up on activities! You will be spoiled for choice between the different board sports that it is possible to practice there, the many walks available to you and the other various activities that can be found throughout the year. .
First of all the landscape itself and the panoramas present as well as the natural beauties of Biscarrosse Plage are to be seen as quickly as possible and to be discovered over the walks that can be done here. Of course, the number one sport at Biscarrosse Plage is surfing. It's very simple, here we are dealing with one of the best spots in France, if not in Europe. The weather is often the game and it is especially the quality of the waves and their frequency that are particularly sought after by surfers. If you want to vary the pleasures in terms of sport, do not hesitate to take a tour of the Biscarrosse Tennis Club and book one of the courts available, right next to the beach.
On the restaurant side, we find La Playa and the Archipel, particularly well placed and offering a varied cuisine with beautiful products in the spotlight. The Corto Bar is the ideal place if you want to have a drink with a breathtaking view of the ocean.

The most beautiful beaches of Biscarrosse

Whether it is to relax, to bathe quietly, to sunbathe or of course to surf, an essential discipline in the city and its surroundings, Biscarrosse has several beaches. Here are the main ones:

  • The North Beach known to locals and recognized by tourists for its pretty waves
  • The Central Beach is the one which, as its name suggests, is located in the center of Biscarrosse Plage. It is easily accessible, whether on foot or by bicycle. Very close to the center, it is also very pleasant outside the high season and offers quick access to all amenities such as restaurants, bars and even the surf school.
  • The Vivier beach is generally the choice of families with children since the MNS are present throughout the high season
  • The South Beach, where there are some nudists, but which remains the favorite of the locals for its tranquility and its change of scenery in season

Finally, we should mention the lake beaches, such as the Central Beach of Lake Biscarrosse and the Navarrosse Beach located south of Lake Biscarrosse near the Bimbo campsite, and also very easy to reach by bike. In Navarrosse we find the water of Lake Biscarrosse less than 1 meter deep and this over a total of about 100 meters which makes it an ideal swimming spot for the little ones. In addition, in summer the water temperature is rather high, its temperatures ranging from 24 to 28 degrees.