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Baptism by seaplane in Biscarrosse

The city of Biscarrosse has a plethora of activities to try during your stay in the Landes. To change nautical activities, fly over the city in a seaplane to admire the beauty of the region from the sky. Recall that a seaplane is an airplane with the ability to take off or land on water. It is therefore an exceptional landing that awaits you and guarantees you extraordinary sensations.

Why fly in a seaplane in Biscarrosse?

Flying by seaplane to Biscarrosse over the region can only be pleasant for many reasons. It is a unique experience that allows you to discover and rediscover the breathtaking landscape of the city seen from above. As you gain altitude, you can explore every corner of the Landes in southwestern France, from the Landes forest to the large lakes and the sandy beaches. Aboard an ULM, exceptional landscapes emerge as you fly through the air. On the coast, contemplate the kilometers of golden sands that border the Atlantic, especially the wild beaches that are still deserted. Nature passes under your feet, with in particular the Landes de Gascogne forest, an expanse of cultivated forest that stretches over millions of hectares. Finally, take a ride over the three sparkling lakes of Biscarrosse or the Arcachon basin.


The course of a seaplane flight in Biscarrosse

As its name suggests, this small plane takes off on the water and takes off thanks to its floats. For seaplane flights, Biscarrosse has a hydrobase in Latécoère on the shore of Lake Biscarrosse-Parentis. To guide you and start the flight, a guide explains the operation of seaplanes. In its design, it combines in one device the major functions of the plane and the boat, namely to fly and float, which allows it to land on any water point. For a little history of the Hydraviation, the hydrobase of Biscarrosse was the only one to ensure the shuttle to New York during the Second world war.

As part of a first flight in a seaplane, the escort is an experienced pilot, enough to reassure passengers. At the start, you will feel the jolts of the bouncing of the craft on the small waves formed by the drag of the propeller and the speed. As soon as it reaches cruising speed, the ULM gradually takes off from the water to take you into the air. The panorama from the seaplane will undoubtedly be the most beautiful of your holidays. The view is breathtaking, as the lakes and greenery alternate to form a similar natural san setting. On the ocean, water sports enthusiasts indulge in surfing for the more daring, and paddleboarding for the adventurous. Seen from the sky, they seem very small, as if abandoned in the middle of the water. After about 20 minutes circling the region, the float plane gradually descends as it approaches the water. According to the pilot, landing is the most delicate stage in this profession. A good seaplane pilot must be able to read water to control it, and land on the current, not against waves. This adrenaline rush will surely end your baptism by seaplane in Biscarrosse.

Practical information

At the flight center in a seaplane, the Flight of the Eagles, first flights are offered at a price between 65 and 90 €. A price that seems reasonable given the service, the sensations that the seaplane gives and the panoramic view in the sky. To fly over the Dune du Pilat, you have to pay 130 €. To continue from Ile aux Oiseaux to the heart of the Arcachon Bay, the flight is priced at € 200. Don't forget to bring your camera to immortalize this aerial experience. The flight is available all year round for sensational discoveries. First flights allow you to discover another facet of the Landes coast, while piloting initiations are means of taking orders or obtaining a pilot's license from the age of 15. Memorable holidays in perspective with the Vol des Aigles at Biscarrosse.